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Wanna know about our journey? Let's take a look!

Phase 1:

  • Black Pepe's concept and idea are born.
  • Website and Whitepaper building
  • Community building and making first ads campaign
  • Choosing platform for the presale
  • Getting badges in Pinksale Finance before presale

Phase 2:

  • Presale as a fairlaunch at Pinksale Finance
  • Marketing campaigns and trendings on crypto platforms
  • Listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, attracting more investors
  • Listing on first CEX
  • Twitter Army, "attacking" hashtags with PEPEB and Black Pepe

Phase 3:

  • Collaboration with rappers, street artists, bloggers to spread word about PEPEB
  • Partnerships with Twitter influencers to attract more attention
  • Staking is available 1 month after the presale
  • Black PEPE merch is released
  • Work on unique NFTs is started
  • Community calls and discussion in social networks

Phase 4:

  • Multi-million market capitalization
  • PEPEB in TOP10 among memecoins
  • Gaining more investors and attention than his cousin, Green PEPE
  • NFTs of PEPEB are released
  • Early holders earn big rewards